Honda XR400


I used XR few days in Phnom Penh while waiting for new visa to Thailand and Africa Twin was in mainteance.


Kaverikiri in January was the thing. Almost two weeks extreme driving in jungles of North East Cambodia.


It seems that 2007 I did not use the bike! What a shame!


I bought this bike in February from Flying Bikes Phnom Penh, got it registered in a day. It took some days to learn to kick start 400cc bike, but I learned - it is really in technics.

You can also pay attention that I use helmet in some pictures! Actually I was driving most of February-March Cambodian tour with helmet on? Why? Perhaps I was in love... (or just getting old)

So it was total 1800km in two weeks - not a record, but definitely enough to stay in the fun zone.

In November I made second trip to Cambodia in 2006. I was driving two weeks as a guide for PeterPanMaailma. Notice my Ortlieb saddle bags. They are quite ok, but in Cambodia they move too much and left one broke because of several touches with the rear wheel. Now I have some extra made to prevent futher touches.

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